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Digital Sprout are a young, refreshing and fun design company in West Lothian; providing a wide range of digital services to clients just like yourself including:

  • Brand Identity
  • Logo & Website Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Domain & Hosting Packages
  • Business Email
  • Ongoing Site Maintenance

With a name like Digital Sprout you may have guessed, we do love our sprouts, although mainly on Christmas Day.

Of course, now you may well be asking yourself  ‘Who even likes sprouts?’ You’ll find the answer to that below.

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Digital Sprout Design Process


Regardless of the type of product you have chosen for your business, we will always complete a planning phase as part of our process.

This will include information gathering and, if you have purchased a website from us, will include elements such as:

  • Website Goals
  • Target Audience
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Site designs you like / dislike
  • Content Planning
  • Expectations
  • Timeline to Launch

The design phase involves us moving the information outlined in the planning phase further towards reality. With a clear set of requirements we will start to build up the design.

The key deliverables in this phase are:

  • Documented Site Structure
  • Visual Representation of Site


We will plan content locations based upon what you want to say and we will work out the best way to deliver your message.

A sitemap will be created showing how we plan to structure the site and, if applicable, wireframes. These show the journeys we expect your different customer types to take to locate the information they need.


We now complete the visual aspects of the site which is where the asthetics of your site are worked on. Branding is important and this phase will include elements such as:

  •  Colour Palette
  • Typography
  • Visual elements in line with brand
  • Dynamics – How your site will look on mobile, tablets, desktops etc

We will include mock ups and two rounds of review and approval from yourselves until you are happy with the design.

Upon completion of the design phase the website will have all but taken shape with the exception of content and any special features.


This is where the bulk of the coding work is completed including adding in content whether supplied by yourself or by one of our team if you have purchased a content & SEO package.

In this phase we are constantly referring back to the planning documentation to ensure the development is on point as the website takes shape.

Elements in this phase include:

  • Coding
  • Develop & Test features
  • Contact Form creation and test
  • Test & Verify links and functionality

The excitement building as we are now edging closer to your launch date.

This is a vital stage in our design process and includes:

  •  Moving site to live server (if we are redesigning an existing site we will not complete this part of phase without approval from you)
  • Polishing of final design elements
  • Deep testing of features & interactivity
  • Consideration of user experience
  • Final cross browser check and test of mobile, tablet & desktop platforms

We are now ready to officially launch your site. We will ask you to complete a final review and check all content is correct and accurate.

Your Site is Launched – All of our hard work comes to fruition and you now have a fully operational site that you can start to promote.

This is not the end though. We highly recommend customers consider taking out a Digital Marketing package with us which will allow us to start getting your site seen by your target audience. This will likely include a mix of Social Media Marketing (Facebook Ads), Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.



The design industry changes rapidly and your website can become outdated within a year or so.

Additionally, a good site should be constantly updating content and imagery along with being active on Social Media.

At Digital Sprout we recommend our customers take out a maintenance package with us which involves paying a monthly retainer and allows us to dedicate more time to your business, keeping on top of your site (software updates, security etc) and make recommendations about emerging trends to help you keep ahead of the game.

Ask about a maintenance package when completing our quotation form.

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What People Are Saying About Our Design Work

"Digital Sprout helped deliver exactly what I was looking for in my website. I dealt with Paul - nice guy, honest and professional in his approach"

Ian M

“Excellent work. Digital Sprout spent the appropriate amount of time listening to my needs. They delivered a website for my Freelance Virtual Assistant business that was outstanding and helped me convert many enquiries into paying customers”

Sharon M

“Really pleased with the result – Digital Sprout listened to what I wanted from my website and achieved exactly the type of design I had in mind.”

Christine S

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Digital Sprout customers are very satisfied with our services. Most of our customers are SME’s, so whether you are a Sole Trader or a larger business we want to hear from you.

Why not get in touch and see how we can help you transform your business and generate more leads?

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