Sample Designs

On this page you can click through a few of our sample designs demonstrating some of the types of site we can create for you. These pages do not contain their own navigation and the links and buttons are purely for aesthetics so that you can get a feel for the designs.

Whilst most of our sites are built up from scratch using our Design Process, some of our clients are more than happy to purchase one of our off the shelf designs with some customisation.

If you like the look of any of the sample designs here and think they would be suitable for your business, please let us know (or ask us if we have anything suitable for your business type) when Requesting a Quotation and we will price accordingly for you.

An off the shelf design is particularly useful for businesses who want to get up and running with a website but don’t have the budget to shell out thousands for a bespoke site.

Additional Services

Check out the below tabs for more information about some of our services that you can purchase to compliment your web design project.


Your brand identity is very important but is often overlooked by smaller businesses who don’t quite see the importance of it or don’t want to spend the time on it that it deserves.

When you request help from Digital Sprout we will complete a full analysis of your business sector, competitors and your own business. We will work with you to come up with strong branding that will distinguish your brand from your competitors.

Brand Identity includes elements such as:

  • Logo
  • Colour Palette
  • Typography
  • Imagery
  • Web Design
  • Stationary

If you want to discuss your Brand Identity with us either as a stand alone offering or in conjunction with a Web Design package, please select the option for Brand Identity when completing the Quotation Form.

Social Media & Marketing

Coming Soon. We are currently working on our service offering for Social Media & Marketing. However, if you are interested in finding out more about these options please select them when completing your Quotation Request and we will be in touch to discuss.


We can get you up and running with professional business email services. Whether you want a business email that can be run through your existing google email account or require emails linked into Office 360 or another software package, we are here to help.

Packages start from as low as £15 per month. Please select this option when completing the Quotation Form and we will discuss your requirements in more detail.


You may well know what these things are, but many of our clients do not have any prior knowledge of how websites work.

So, your domain name will be your actual web address. Our domain name is digitalsprout.net.

A hosting package is a service you pay for each year and is what stores all of your website files and allows people to actually see your site when they go to your website address.

Hosting packages can be as simple or complex as required to fit your business needs. Sometimes all you need is basic hosting but other times you need something that can handle the demands your site will place on the servers, especially if you are hosting an ecommerce site.

Packages start from £10 per month for basic hosting.

As part of your web design quotation we will automatically include a price for Domain Name & Hosting for you. If this is not required you can just let us know.

If you are solely interested in having us take on your existing sites hosting, just select that option when completing the Quotation Form and we will get in touch to discuss.


Your site requires regular updating to keep customers interested and coming back for more. It is common for businesses to have a site built and then sit back, relax and wonder why the money isn’t flowing in. A good website takes work and time. Often, time is the barrier.

Why not let us take care of your site maintenance. We can provide a price for monthly content updates or more comprehensive elements such as site security and updates and keeping you abreast of latest design trends.

If there are emerging trends that you need to know about, we will let you know and you will have the opportunity to refresh your site design to keep you ahead of the competition.

We highly recommend clients take out a maintenance package with us for the first 12 months after we complete your site.

If you wish us to price for this please select this option when completing your Quotation Request form.








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